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ScaleUp Career offers services for any executive on the rise, in any industry. For those that are in the focus of VC/ ScaleUp Stage Roles -we have a partnership with ScaleUp Edge that provides even more value.

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Social Media Profiles.

Customized Content

Weekly content executed

Original Thoughts

Visual Thought Leadership/Infographics

Grow Audience

Ongoing Audience Growth.

Our Services

Influencer Accelerator-Kickstart

Creating your Plan and Implementing

$1500 (3 mo contract required)

This 3-month Package Includes:

  • Influence Clarity session-intake form
  • 1 social platform*
  • Profile review-adjustment
  • 2-3 posts a week
  • Scheduling posts and links
  • Engaging with comments-likes
  • Article Research for theme/trac
  • Researching new connections for theme
  • Online asynchronous connection to work efficiently 


  • Weekly sync zoom-call
  • Comments, engagement
  • Weekly analytics report
  • Unlimited emails
  • Answering messages

Additional Options

Influencer Clarity Session-An Introduction Process & Plan

$150 (1 time session)

This 60-90 minute session solidifies your process/plan and creates a strategy for you to self-guide you to your goals.

Content calendar samples 

Influencer Starter Package

$300 (3-30 min zoom sessions)

For those that need an overview and plan, includes influencer clarity process, profile review, 3 posts to get rolling 

Influencer Basic Visibility Support Package

$1800.00 USD

($300 mo, 6 mo contract required)

Includes Brand clarity session, content calendar, 1 post per week
(6 mo contract required)

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