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About ScaleUp Career

ScaleUp Career is an executive branding business. I work with customers to assist in leveraging social media to express their authentic value to the world to meet their career goals.

I understand that projecting yourself online can be a daunting & time-consuming proposal.

We work together to bring your content and value to the forefront of the digital universe.

My Brand is

  • Keep it Simple
  • Keep it Consistent


This is key to the process

I hope you join me as together we evolve your brand.

NO one solution applies to everyone.

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To inspire impassioned professionals to leverage social media to advance their career goals.


To empower everyone to reach their highest professional potential.


Authenticity, Humor, Continuous Improvement, Fairness, Transparency.


Becoming An Influencer

I can help you go from almost to a consistent thought leader – getting you from almost to all done

Our goal is together we find the shortest path and best value help to place where you can consistently and more easily your thoughtleadership.

We work together to bring forth what is already there, it has to real, authentic, your values, your experience & your processes. Create a habit, simplify the task, bring it top of mind.

Collecting Your “GOLD” crafting YOUR INFLUENCE

We borrow what works for the best – we reuse email content that was written to answer a specific question. Share your thoughts to help share your message and your voice – consistently. Your Authenic thoughts to guide others to their success. Why do this? Give back to the world – pay it forward, share what you know.

Become the GO-TO subject matter expert 

 If you are looking for a full ghostwrite and someone to help you write longer pieces, I am not the best fit.  

I am the perfect fit for those that have the expertise, have it almost ready to go, they save it never get back to it – that little extra help to execute!

I am on an ever-present quest to learn new things and explore new places. I am interested in any & all healthy lifestyle pursuits, I believe good nutrition and movement are the keys to improve many aspects of your life, however, my diet is far from what I would consider pristine, nor is my fitness routine excessive. I eat to nourish my body and mind. I embrace moderation.

This includes chocolate, wine, and anyone who knows me, knows that I consider coffee a complete food group. I move my body and exercise my mind in a variety of ways and think we should all be open to trying new things in this arena. In this and all things I believe in keeping it simple. Just about anything can be accomplished with consistency. NO one solution applies to everyone.

Our Team

John Doe

Founder & Chairman

Danny Doe


Johnny Doe


Jim Doe

Director of Operations